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You Can’t Always Get What You Want, So What Should You Compromise On?

Shopping for a new home can be really fun and exciting, however I have seen time and time again clients pass on homes that hit MOST of their criteria, but not all. So this leads us to the question, what should we compromise on so we don’t miss out on purchasing the right home?

In this video I will take a look at what criteria are best to compromise on and be flexible about when purchasing your next home, cuz let’s face it, you could be looking forever as no home is completely perfect.

The first on this list is STYLE. You may have planned for a detached two story that is 2100 sq feet with four bedrooms. Now what if you found a back split or bungalow that offers the same amount of living space and bedrooms,and is in the perfect location? This is one where you might have to say, ok we got everything we wanted and style might have to take a backseat. If the home hits your major criteria then style may have to go out the window. Homes in Ontario, in specific locations, don’t always come available and this might be the perfect chance for you to live in your desired neighborhood and hit all your majors!
Another thing I would compromise on are FINISHES. If you have found the right size home, with all your majors met, including price and location. Then, you have won in the game of real estate. Now do not walk away from the property if you don’t like some of the fixtures, you don’t like the paint colour of a few rooms, and the faucets are not your cup of tea. All these items are very minor and can be easily changed out. I would even advise this if you have carpet where you would have preferred hardwood. Even though this type of upgrade is a little more expensive, typically flooring, counter tops, cabinet knobs and even cabinet colour can be pretty simply transformed. Suddenly with only a few minor changes you have the home you want and your majors met.
Ok, my last tip might be a bit harder to digest. This really does speak to the reality of shopping for homes. You might have to compromise on some of your majors. Your majors, if you haven’t already caught on, is my short form way of saying “Most important criteria, or your MAJOR criteria” This is where we will have to start having those “ranking” conversations of what is at the very top of my Majors list and what is closer to the bottom. This usually happens when a home has become available and has one of your wish list items that is worth losing something else for. This could be the perfect street, the perfect school catchment, the perfect size, layout, yard, or dare I say, the perfect lakefront property, which would be the MOST rare. In that case, I start seeing clients suddenly hack down that “majors” list like they are participating in a fencing match. They go from double car garage to single. Unfinished basement? No problem! Three bedrooms instead of four? I’ll set up my office in the basement! And that my friends is the reality of house hunting. No house is perfect and if you do find one that really truely is perfect in every way, Jump on it!

Hopefully these tips help you to start narrowing down your list and to start going on your top 3 showings! Happy house hunting!

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